Welcome to HIT GOR

HIT GOR is a modern and advanced combat and roleplay Gorean game system, designed and developed by HIT Spot using the latest scripting technologies, hardware, and server software versions available, to be used within the Second Life.

HIT GOR provides professionally developed, high performance, secure, anti-lag, anti-cheat, and anti-hack systems for Second Life residents, who seek secure combat and a positive roleplay game experiences.

HIT GOR has been developed from the beginning with security and high performance in mind, the main focus was on creating a complete system that is not lagging, fewer scripts and efficient code, in addition to the extreme cheating detections and protections, maximum security and fairness, great measures have been taken regarding script security to ensure that cheating is impossible!

HIT GOR Values:

HIT GOR supports gorean combat and roleplay game improvement, by creating advanced creative, original, professional combat and roleplay systems that help in building a real, active, secure, organized and connected gorean community where players can enjoy challenging, motivational, competitive, and positive game experience.


HIT GOR is 100% Gorean, 100% secure, 100% anti-cheat, 100% anti-lag, and 100% anti-hack, fully created by HIT Spot, and follows Second Life Terms of Service and no one else can access the script files or servers.

HIT GOR is 100% Gorean and created specifically for GOR World & Gorean Community.

HIT GOR is FREE and it does support and work with all Gorean weapons (melee, range, and traps) that were originally created for other meters, so you don't need to pay to play.

How to set up and configure your land for HIT GOR?

If the land has not yet configured, all Second Life regions have auto default configuration and the system works well everywhere on the grid until it is custom configured based on landowners specifications.

Please visit HIT License page for all info and don't hesitate to contact the Support Team if you need more info or requests or suggestions.

Thank you for your interest, you are browsing the HIT GOR official website!