version 1.4.7 (TBT, Work in Progress)

caste system and caste commands.

bandage doesn't revive players immediately when bandage's over.
we can clear backstory by the same commands, but leave message blank.
players drop their points and coins when they are enslaved.

debug messages has been removed.
general script code enhancements.

/12info command has been removed, info display by clicking the profile picture on hud.

version 1.4.5 (Work in Progress)

classes and class transition and stages, find details here (about classes).

slaves can escape and become runaway-slaves.
slaves and runaway-slaves cannot enslave others.
slaves and runaway-slave cannot change communities.
slaves lose all their points and coins when enslaved.
released slaves would become totally free, they will start over as a free gorean, keeping their homelands and home stones.

slave, bond classes are replaced with kajira (slave-girl) and kajirus (slave-boy).

version 1.4.4 (To Be Tested)

self-unbind (wiggle) animation and 15 secs (wiggle) time to self-unbind.

bug occurs when bind or aid while the bandage is processing.
timer when self-bind.

/12setup command has been removed.