HIT Coins

HIT Coins is one of HIT rewarding systems and Coins are HIT roleplay digital currency and they are used in combat and roleplay.

HIT Bank

HIT now develops many combat and roleplay systems (HIT Combat, HIT Roleplay, HIT GOR, HIT AGES, HIT Training...etc), so there was a need for a system to work as a storage for all HIT systems, connect all systems together, and help players to manage their currency accounts for multiple combat and roleplay systems. HIT Bank is the system that helps in doing so, players can save their systems coins in the HIT Bank, and can transfer their coins from one system to another for example (HIT Combat HIT Roleplay HIT Training HIT Ages HIT Gor), HIT Bank also allows players to use the same currency tools/devices for all the different systems like (HIT Treasures, HIT ATM, HIT Let...etc), so simply each of the systems is created for something special, but they are all connected to the same currency system (HIT Bank) to work with the same currency system devices.

HIT Bank is a separate currency system that can be used with/without any other combat or roleplay system, a player registers their HIT Bank account by registering any of the related combat and roleplay system or the HIT Bank Hud itself.


Coin Types

There are three types of coinage/coins:

Earning Coins & Lindens

Coins are primarily earned/obtained through different methods:

Winning Fights:
The winning player gets the coin from the losing player "If the losing player has enough coins". Ex: If two players were fighting together, the player (X) and player (Z) if the player (X) defeated player (Z), the system will auto transfer one Copper Coin to the player (X) from the player (Z), if the player (Z) has no coins in their account, player "X" wins no coins, however the winning player always gets a "Point" when points reach 100 they are auto exchanged to one Copper Coin.

Coins Stealing:
Players can steal coins from each other or from land treasures!
How do I steal from people?

Steals Stat:
Every time a player steals, the steals stat increases by 1, its similar to kills and deaths but for stealing.

Coins Transfer:
Players can transfer coins to each other using the wallet hud or a simple command, and land owners/admins can trasfer coins to players from the land treasure chests.

Players can earn coins (Copper/Silver/Gold) by camping on any of the HIT-licensed lands.


Simply players can exchange HIT Coins with Lindens using HIT Coins ATM scripted to do HIT Coins and Lindens transactions easily.
HIT Coins ATMs are located in HIT In-world store and soon will be available at any "HIT Licensed Region".


Terms Of Service


HIT is paying the rewards and the Lindens (not landowners) via secure and easy to use ATMs, that's why coins rewarding system is working only on HIT licensed regions, so if players are playing on other lands that are not licensed, they will not be able to win or lose coins, only HIT GOR group members are allowed to use the ATM.