Q: Why doesn't HIT GOR interact with other meters?

A: Why should HIT GOR interact with other meters that are created by different people?

HIT GOR is not a 3rd meter to be used with other meters, and the current situation where lands have to use multiple meters together is WRONG, landowners know that very well, but they can't admit it to keep their players happy and their traffic high, until it became normal and legal, the fact is this is not normal and illegal.

Using multiple meters together is unfair, insecure, incorrect.

Unfair: how come using different meters is fair, if both meters created differently, by different people, how do users know if both are "internally" equal, it is obviously unfair, especially in combat and official raids, at some points one player will surely have advantages over another, I am talking not only about damage and type of weapon used, there are several factors like script delays, how fast and easy the servers register hits and many other factors, some code is outdated, other is up-to-date.

Insecure: allowing multiple meters to be used together is insecure and opens the gate for many cheats and affects the game and community dramatically because this simply allows one player using (x) meter to interact (bind, unbind, leash, unleash...etc) with another player using (z) meter, without checking whether the player is bound or unconscious or not even wearing a meter and sometimes not even a player, anyone can click a bubble to do whatever without anything stopping them, and moderators cant always watch especially in big raids with many players.

Incorrect: using multiple meters is incorrect for many reasons, one reason is the lag generated by multiple meters' "servers" running on one land, servers do communicate, register, and process (data-in / data-out) everything happens on your land for each person on your land when someone (logs-in, logs-out, enters region, leaves region, attaches meter, detaches meter, turns meter on and off, switches modes, someone hits another, and someone got hit by another, bounds, kills, stats updating, checking if meter is attached or not for each person (20-60+ persons during raids) on land with a timer at seconds running all day long, without stopping...etc) and all this happens at the same land and same time which consumes land memory usage, so imagine you are running two or more of those servers, I will not mention running those with other tools like rental systems, script checkers and monitors, door scripts, greeters, and other scripts on one land.

Q: Compatibility Hud is no transfer (so how is the other party suppose to interact in the first place should they run in combat to the nearest dock or go to market place? It's an RP killer which I already encounter two times).

A: As I mentioned above, HIT GOR is a stand-alone system and it was "intentionally" created (incompatible) with any other systems and doesn't use any other systems' servers or scripts. Other meters cannot communicate (bind, aid, bandage, leash, steal,...etc) with or affect HIT GOR in any way, to ensure the full security, combat & roleplay accuracy, and originality of HIT GOR.

The compatibility hud was created, released, and available "Temporarily" to give a chance for more people to try the system and to allow our users to keep using the system without having issues, the compatibility hud will not be available as soon as more lands begin to use the system officially. The only RP killer is actually using multiple meters in the first place and/or using an outdated meter that doesn't even release updates for a very long time.

Q: why there is no bubble?

A: why do we need the bubble if we have all the menu buttons "actions" on the hud?
there is no bubbles to prevent cheats and maintain the security and fairness (bind/unbind/bandage others while bound/unconscious).
there is no bubbles to reduce lag generated by using extra "unneeded" (scripts/code/prims/textures).
bubble means we need to run extra timers, sensors (to check if players are near enough, to take actions), and open more listeners to menus that pop up when clicking the bubble, and if we could do all that using existing timers, listeners, and sensors (which is meter overload), there will be a need to create more unneeded code that consumes land resources and also system's free memory that is required to keep the meter running smoothly without crashing or run-time errors, so if we add the bubble, we would open the gate for more cheats and more lag.

The question is do we really need to sacrifice system overall performance, security, and fair game to have a one DEMO looking prim ball to click on because some people are too lazy to click "their own huds"?

HIT GOR changes meter color when downed to gray/dimmed to show the player is down/unconscious and players are locked in place when downed so they can't move anyway and weapons are also detached automatically when downed, without possibilities to draw them back while being unconscious, when aid and bind times are reached it shows on their meter display text with red color, to show that we can interact with them.

Q: Only one developer creates the whole system, and system needs to be connected to an external server, that needs to be running 24/7, what if the developer stops? What if the server isn't paid for?

A: what if the developer of the current meter you are using stops? the current meters used are also connected to external servers indirectly (the inworld servers rezzed on lands) are also connected to external servers, where do you think the stats are stored? and how do you think they are displayed on web pages? where do the web pages come from? where are the pages stored and hosted? also other meters are created by individuals one of them is outdated years ago and the other is insecure, what if they stop? what if second life itself stops? what I mean is nothing stays forever, and the servers HIT GOR run on are prepaid until 2022, wonder where would you be in 2022.

Q: who decides who gets banned from the HIT GOR system?

A: why do we need to ban anyone? we can technically ban people from using HIT GOR, and that is legal because we are the creators of it and it is free, but practically we can't ban anyone from the system because if one person is banned we will be making drama with all his/her group/land and by doing this they would just stop using the system, and this is not good for anyone, also we don't think to ban people is a good solution, unless they are trying to hack the system one way or another, and allowing them would harm the whole system.

Q: Wins aren't always registered (I couldn't care less, but for others it's important)

A: If you don't care why you ask? why not let "others" ask?

Wins/Loss register only when both players are using either combat or roleplay modes, they don't register when using arena mode.

Q: HIT Gor swaps unwanted to RP mode every time, which gives an annoying extra line above your head with (RP)

Q: I got already 3 gold, 2 silver and 26 copper which feels extremely rich to me. It's unclear why and when I get coins for doing nothing.

A: Each landowner has the ability to configure/setup their own lands "using the configuration box" the way they like the system to function, they can decide everything like auto earning coins camping, default mode (roleplay/combat/arena), the meter display (hit/classic), aid, bind, self-unbind, bandage, self-bandage, and everything, so you should ask your landowner to properly configure their lands (if they even did) if they care before to begin testing, and get wrong results, based on the wrong configuration.

Q: Many updates. It cause you almost must daily replace your hit gor links in outfits adjust the hud, set your name(the many updates also suggest an instable system which need a lot of emergency updates)

A: Instead of asking why I do always release updates and care of the performance and quality of the system so that you and others enjoy a quality system, you better ask the creator of the system you are currently using why they don't update their system and making you and others using an outdated system?

Regarding updates, I am sorry if I release system updates daily, but I do this to ensure the highest quality possible, better combat & roleplay experiences, I don't like to delay an update if it is important or adds a value to the system while I am in second life because I don't always have the time to do, so I try to do most of the things while I am online, the updates don't mean system is unstable, it only means I added something or enhanced or fixed an issue or concerns our users have instead of ignoring or delaying them.

Q: What does 'XP' mean? How you get 'XP'? What are the levels?

A: Please visit this page to know more about XP & Levels.

Q: how did you create the UI/HUD? is it similar to another?

A: HIT GOR Graphics (RPG User Interface UI) is a real-life "License Certificate" version and certified by its original creator, paid for using my real-life information and certificate issued with my real-life name, and I have the full right to use, as a holder of the original license certificate.

HIT GOR scripts, and codes, are 100% hand-coded and developed from scratch by HIT Spot (aka Joma Ghost), and the system is 100% legal and follows Second Life Terms of Service and no one else can access the script files or servers.