GOT Started?

The following guide takes you through our simple process to get started using HIT GOR...


To use HIT GOR, wear both the HIT Meter and either HIT HUD or HIT HUD Light pieces from your inventory folder, you may attach in any order, HUD is optional but required to receive the internal messages.

Character creation

When you first attach the meter, a dialog menu will pop up to choose your character gender Male or Female, Select the gender that most closely represents your character.


If it is the first time you use HIT GOR you may be prompted to register online, registration is not fully required, landowners decide if it is required or not required on their own lands during land setup and configurations.

Player Name:
Second Life avatar full name if your last name is "Resident" please type it.

Player Password:
Every player has his own "HIT Account and Password" created and generated automatically when they first use the system, the password is used for registration and also for managing your HIT account like updating or clearing your data.

To receive your password you may either use the command "/1password" in Second Life local chat and you will receive your password that looks something like this "C*uPjs7Y" or use the hud menu [Account] button to receive all your account data, please copy the password and paste it into player password field on the registration web page. Please do not share your password with anyone to keep your own account security.

Player Profile:
Your roleplay character backstory.
The player profile can contain only letters, numbers, some special ascii letters and possibly hyphen characters, but can't contain an apostrophe (').

  Select your homeland/land/city:
If you don't belong to any of the listed homelands and your homeland is not yet listed, just leave it blank.

  Select your land/army/group:
land/army/group is very important because it is not just showing where you belong or show on your meter as a tag but also it is used between group/army members to send group private internal messages during raids or invasions, so if you don't belong to any of the listed land names, leave it blank.

  Select your starting class/caste:
Classes are shown on your meter as a tag. If you don't belong to any of the listed class names, just leave it blank. HIT GOR comes with two kinds of classes "Special" and "Standard", you can pick any of the available Standard classes but Special classes are given by landowners and game masters only.

  Select your community:
Gor is always selected so leave it as it is.

When you are done click the "Register" button.

If registration is successful you will get a green message saying "Player has registered successfully", please detach and attach back the meter to apply your new character settings.

If registration is failed you will get an orange error message, read it to know what went wrong and try again.