HIT GOR Player Registration

The first steps in playing the game is to imagine and create a character of your own, your character is a combination of game statistics, role-playing hooks, and your imagination, you choose a group/land and a race (such as human or beast) and a class/caste.
You also invent the personality, appearance, and back-story of your character. Once completed, your character serves as your representative in the game, your avatar in the world.

Once you have a character in mind, follow these steps in order, making decisions that reflect the character you want. Your conception of your character might evolve with each choice you make. What’s important is that you come to the table with a character you’re excited to play.


After registration, you will have an opportunity to create your own character, access special features, join HIT Coins rewarding system.

Second Life full name firstname and lastname if your last name is Resident please type it as well, and if your name doesn't have a last name at all just add Resident to your name. Ex: Angelina Resident / Angelina Ghost.

Every player has his own HIT Account and Password created and generated automatically when they first attach the meter, the password is used for registration and also for managing your HIT Account Updating information.

To receive your password you may either use the command '/1password' in Second Life local chat and you will receive your password that looks something like this 'C*uPjs7Y' or use the hud menu [Account] button to receive all your account data, please copy the password and paste it into player password field on the registration web page. Please do not share your password with anyone to keep your own account security.


Player Character Back-story

Your role-play character back-story.

Select your homeland

Homeland is where your land is located within the Gor map.

Select your Group/Army/Tribe/Band

Gor group name and will show on your meter as a tag
If you don't belong to any of the listed names leave it blank.

Select your Starting Class

Gor Class will show on your meter as class tag.
If you don't belong to any of the listed class names leave it blank.

Select your Community

Gor Communities.