HIT License

HIT License is an official permission HIT gives to landowners to use HIT systems, HIT License is not required to use HIT GOR, Unlicensed lands will remain able to use HIT GOR but with some disabled features.

HIT License Advantages:

HIT → Terms Of Service

To obtain HIT License you need to agree on the following:

How venues are selected:


HIT GOR was not created for profit and money making, so HIT GOR does not care about the number of regions that use the system, HIT GOR cares more about the quality, creativity, and vision of regions that use the system.

HIT GOR is a serious combat and role-playing system and it was created for combat and role-play, so if you are one of those regions that list all combat system names on description and land name and use combat system features like XP and leveling to make people camp to generate more traffic, don't expect to obtain HIT License.

How to obtain the license:

HIT License Fees:

For landowners who want to obtain HIT GOR license: