HIT GOR Manual


To use HIT GOR, wear both the HIT Meter and either HIT HUD or HIT HUD Light or HIT HUD Compact pieces from your inventory folder, you may attach in any order, HUD is optional but required to receive the internal messages and logs, upon wearing the meter for the first time, you will be prompted to setup your character and register online (only for lands with registration turned on).

Basic Attacks

To inflict close-melee damage on your opponent, approach the avatar (you need to be close enough to the person) and simultaneously tapping your left mouse button (left click on right-handed mouse, and vice-versa), while using your movement A,S,D,W keys or arrow keys (to move as you fight). You will need to be facing the avatar to damage, this works both with or without mouselook. System does support and work with all Gorean weapons (melee, range, and traps) and you need to wear a weapon while fighting, a sword or dagger or bow for example, and remember to activate "always run" (CTRL+R).

Health Point / Hit Point Display

Displays the actual health points for your character, the number displayed above your head is the remaining percentage of these health points.

Defense Point Display

HIT GOR uses the Defense as a health shield, normally the upcoming damage is kinda divided between the defense and the health until the defense has 0 points then the health takes the full damage, but we can use the (C / Crouch) key to activate/deactivate the shield, while the shield is active we don't take any health damage and the defense takes its share of damage until the defense has 0 points, the health would then take the full damage.

HIT Game Modes

HIT GOR enjoys 4 kinds of game modes Combat, Roleplay, Arena, and Game, you can switch between them using simple commands (/12combat, /12roleplay, /12arena, and /12game).

HIT Meter Styles

HIT GOR enjoys three kinds of meter styles hit, gm, and classic, you can switch between them using simple commands (12hit, /12gm, and /12classic).