HIT GOR Support - Suggestions & Bug Reporting

Technical Support

If you need any help or support don't hesitate to contact any of HIT Support team In-world.

Affiliate Vendors

If you are a landowner and looking for HIT vending machines please contact HIT Spot, keep in mind that HIT GOR is using CasperTech as a vending machine, when it is used it asks for permissions, that is because this machine shares profit commission with vending machine owners and HIT GOR currently FREE.


Everyone is welcome to drop us a notecard with suggestions, feedback, ideas and opinions that will help us improve HIT GOR and we will make sure to develop the solutions that meet everyone needs.

Bug Reporting

Bug is a "mistake or problem in a computer program" and everything in the world can have some bugs "software & hardware" even for well known brands that's why they always release updates and new versions, but if we don't know about the bug or existence of it how can we fix it? so please if you encounter (Experience) any of the bugs drop a notecard to HIT Spot, leaving details of the bug so he can fix and improve the whole system for all users.